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Thread: Just got my brace

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    Unhappy Just got my brace

    Hi there, i just got my brace and was wondering if anyone had any good advice for getting used to it or anything, im just confused and scared so if you have any advice that'd be great!


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    Have you been over to Their forum is tailored for scoli kids (as opposed to this one, which is more general -- lots of adults considering revision surgery, and so forth). Heaps of teens in braces and either getting ready for, or just having gotten finished with the surgery, and so on. They have a lot to say about getting used to your brace, what kind of clothes are best (hoodies!!!), how they deal with the brace at school and so on. Great bunch of kids, really.

    Cheers -

    Scoli Mum

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    I'm 24 years old and I had to wear braces from the age of 8 to the age of 16 on and off in between, before and after surgeries. Getting use to a brace is so hard, especially when you are in school. There were many kids who didn't understand what was wrong with me and kids make fun of what they dont understand. My best advice to you is Smile. Take advantage of the strength of your friends and smile and ignore anyone who bothers you. If it gets worse try talking to teachers or your parents about maybe spending a few mins in your classes to explain what is going on with you and why you have the brace. I did, and many of those kids that made fun of me started defending me to the ones that still felt the need to make fun of me. I know that it's scary and it feel like it will never end, but your additude is really what will get you by. You know from this forum at the least that you are not the only one to have to deal with these hardships, you don't have to do it alone, and you'll make it too :-) If you'd ever like to talk feel free to email me

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    Hi! My daughter is almost 14 and has been wearing a Boston Brace for 1 1/2 years! She was very upset about having to wear the brace to school and had all of the same concerns and fears that you have. She talked to a distant cousin who has scoliosis. The cousin said that she told all of her friends about it and would knock loudly on her brace and would say that she had "abs of steel!" Then she'd let her friends "knock" on her, too.

    Well, my daughter took her advice and did the same thing. Not only did her friends love knocking on her brace, but it became a fun thing to do. The "joking" sort of attitude ("abs of steel") really, really helped, and not one person has ever bothered her or made fun of her. Other kids would hear about it too and want to try to "knock" on her. After several months, the knocking got to be a bit much, so she just asked them to stop, and they did.

    Above all, be patient with yourself. It takes time to get used to wearing the brace, and there will be a mixture of good and bad days. Although my daughter has told me that she still hates wearing it (who wouldn't?), it is much more tolerable.

    Best of luck to you and hang in there.

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