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Thread: Has anyone tried the Lycra Orthosis Compression Suit for adult scoliosis?

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    Has anyone tried the Lycra Orthosis Compression Suit for adult scoliosis?


    I'm new here, certainly not new to scoliosis, which I've had since I had polio at age 11. Idiopathic scoliosis runs in my family, mother, uncle, cousins, some of whom had fusions. Mine was never treated and in the past five years (I'm 66 and female) it has progressed. I now have lumbar as well as thoracic scoliosis and kyphosis. I also have Ehlers-Danlos which contributes to muscles which don't want to support my spine.

    My GP says adult scoliosis never progresses and actually tried to conceal the results of new x-rays I demanded. I have no idea what degree my scoliosis is, but it is now very visible, where it was not before.

    I'm looking for pain relief. SpineCor is too much $$ for my living-on-a-pension budget. The Lycra Orthosis appear to be less expensive (don't know if they are accessible to me in Western Canada) but do they work? I care for a blind, disabled husband and I have to be able to stand to cook, clean etc. (He tried to make a cup of tea for himself yesterday and set the kitchen on fire!) Not feeling sorry for myself as we are very happy, I just am seeking a practical solution so I can function.


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    Something like this?
    It seems to be great!

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