Hi all, I had my surgery on May 23rd so I'm not even two weeks post-op.
I was fused from T5 to T12 for a 40 curve, now after surgery it looks as if my scoliosis is completely gone (not sure of my exact post op degree because I had gotten sick during my first post-op appt so the surgeon didn't have time to measure them)
I'm pain free for the most part, I take tylonol probably once a day and have tried to stay away from the narcotic pain meds.
But since coming home, I've been constantly dizzy. My surgeon has no idea why I'm dizzy, but prescribed me meclazine in hopes of relieving it, my GP said I have a lot of fluid in my right ear which could explain the dizziness, and told me to take sudafed to dry it up.

Just wondering if anyone else experienced this constant dizziness post-op?