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Thread: disc surgery

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    Quote Originally Posted by edouard View Post
    That solution is coming even is disk still not move, i post about that in another subject and will put it here too

    Look at aurora spine

    This is what i call clever fusion with strong derotation, for information , aurora spine patent ->

    in those pic we can see it is planned for multiple vertebras which can only concern scoliosis :


    Aurora spine is new startup (2 years old only)

    For me it is obvious that this new way to fuse (without screw) is really nice
    Also derotation will be full because as you can see they use the back of the vertebra to do it.

    But with this device the disc are also removed an replaced by atificial disks that will fuse in a clean way -> that one
    I'm not an engineer, so it's impossible for me to know the answer, but I suspect they'll find that these implants break when used in deformity patients.

    I'm not clear what you mean by "in those pic we can see it is planned for multiple vertebras which can only concern scoliosis", but multi-level fusions are done for lots of things besides scoliosis.
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    Right multiple vertebras fusion is not limited to scoliosis but can concern also scoliosis.

    For breaking i don't think as they fuse also the disc strongly with artificial disks + put the implant device at the back of vertebras, the only constraint i think (but not sure it is my feeling believe) is that to use such solution the spine must be really straight first (may be to 10° minimum) if not difficult to use artificial disk so in severe scoliosis may be impossible to be used, in my case may be but not sure too as I am borderline in term of curvature.

    I contacted aurora, they will send me brochures as i see my surgeon next week i will ask him about that, also for magec that i contacted too.

    But the purpose of my visit is to know if i have to compensate first my leg difference and if i can have a brace once compensated that can correct a minimum my curve as i believe in my case the scoliosis comes from my leg difference.

    For surgery i plan to do it later but i am not really attracted (having choice now to wait may be not the case in few years ) in having lot of screws, the fact to straight the spine in few minuts and current fusion that's why i am trying to look for another kind of surgery already now with same purpose correcting the curve and stabilise it with fusion as i believe that non fusion solution may be will come in 10 years not before (with the coming of new materials, not titanium i think)
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