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    You can heal your life

    I have been recommended this book "You can Heal your life" by Louise L. Hay. I actually purchased it a couple of years ago and never read it.. till now.

    This is a healing book and refers to all kinds of different illnesses and diseases. It says on it's cover " The thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experiences", She says if we are willing to do the mental work almost anything can be healed. It's a spiritual self improvement kind of a book. I have to agree, as I mentioned in this forum before, I believe Scoliosis is a mind body and soul issue.

    A couple of months ago I was recommended by an interesting lady I met to have therapy sessions for my Scoliosis, this spiritual woman thought it would be a very important step before going on the surgeon table, she said my scoliosis stems from a much deeper place and I need to do some healing first, clearing and cleansing within myself. She said the surgery results will be a lot better that way. I needed to dig deep inside to understand why I chose to have a surgery and why do I have Scoliosis? A question I have asked myself for a long time.

    There is actually a dictionary towards the end of book that lists different illnesses and diseases, the Cause for them is listed as well. I found there "Spine Curvature/Scoliosis" and read the cause for it, which didn't make any sense to me. Till I had an interesting conversation with my girlfriend's boyfriend about the surgery. Her boyfriend is a business man who have opened businesses around the world, he is still in his 20th, he even wrote 2 spiritual/self improvement kind of books, he is an amazing person for many reasons. He broke his leg recently and was in a wheel chair as we were talking. He was recommended after the accident a surgery, a rod will be placed in his leg. He refused the surgery and chose in natural healing for his leg, though it wasn't easy and very painful at first. He couldn't understand how I could allow rods in my own body.

    We started talking about the scoliosis surgery, he wanted to understand the deep reason behind things, why I wanted to have surgery and the root to my problem. He knows how to dig deep, so we started analyzing the issue. I am an aware person for the most part so maybe that helped in the process of unlocking the safe. First we started with the surface problems and reasons for surgery, than we went deeper and deeper into the issue itself. In order for it to work, I could hide nothing and had to open up and tell my deepest deepest secrets. It was like peeling an artichoke, till you get to the heart. When we got to the heart, we ended up with one cause that described my underline problem.

    Right away I remembered the book "you can heal your life" and it's written cause to my physical problem, Scoliosis. I was amazed the book and my 'healing session' with my girlfriend's boyfriend ended up with the same conclusion, same exact sentence. This is when I started reading the book for the first time, I thought I would give it a chance and I found it to be an amazing book, it helped me letting go of a lot of things and understanding the flow of life, so I let go of things and find healing within myself. It is a real healing book. I am still in the beginning of it. I am also gonna seek more therapy sessions.

    I believe the first healing session I have made(was without planning) was a couple of years ago. I had a massage therapist healer loosening up the muscles around my spine for 3 hours as I was seeking help for my pain. Without an advance planning he was somehow able to push each vertebra into place and give me a straight spine for about a minute, till it went back to its curve. Till that moment, as I believe I had scoliosis my whole life, I never knew how a straight spine feels, I was amazed of how free and flexible it felt, like something so heavy was lifted off my body for the first time, how everything felt 'right' and balanced. I cried in excitement, why wasn't I naturally granted the right to be straight? I have asked myself that question confused and angry, it took me about a year to get over it and seek constructive solutions to my problem.

    It's been a healing journey ever since..

    Please share with me any kind of healing stories you may have
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