I am still very new to both this board, and scoliosis in general. DD#2 is 13yo and has a double major curve of 54/50. Surgery is going to happen for her. The Dr. decided to x-ray the other two kids, as she noticed some curvature in DD#1-14yo and DD#3 who is 8yo. I peeked at the x-rays and thought they looked perfect, but I guess I was just so used to looking at the crazy curves on DD#2, because I got called today to let me know that both the other girls have 13-thoracic and 13-lumbar curves and the 8yo has rotation already. They both need to see an orthopedist. Now, DD #1 doesn't have me all that worried. She's 15 next month and a Risser 5, so I really feel like she is probably out of the woods. I am very worried about my 8 year old, as her rotation is in the exact same spot as her sister who is having surgery. I was devastated when I found out my DD#2 was going to need surgery, but in a way it saved her from dealing with years of bracing before she needed surgery, anyways. Deciding on treatment for #2 was relatively easy, and honestly I expect her to have an excellent surgery and to be able to put this behind her quickly. Now I am worried that DD#3 is going to spend years in a brace. This has all happened so quickly that I don't know if I am just overwhelmed by it all, but I feel so sad at the thought of years of irritation and discomfort for her.