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Thread: Need surgery but parents wants me in brace

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    Need surgery but parents wants me in brace

    Well I have a 53* thoracic curve but I'm skeletally immature but I'm starting to grow now (I'm 14) i met this doctor who said he can bring me down to like 30* is he lying can he really? I don't believe nor do my doctors but I'm getting a brace I dont want to go down to 30* by wearing a brace I rather have surgery and go to 5* than 30* my parents don't want me to have surgery but I do it's faster some of his patents do go down a few degrees but who knows how old they are or what their degree!! Is this doctor lying? Will I go down a couple degrees(how can I prevent that) I have to wear this brace 23 hours aDay please calm me down or at least give me some facts or experiences that who guys had to go through please help me I just want surgery to get it over with!!

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    Only other kids are allowed to answer your post here and we don't have so many kids.

    If you want several answers from knowledgeable adults, please ALSO post this same question in this subsection of the forum...

    I am assuming you have adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.

    Looking forward to seeing you post that question where I can answer it.
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    Give it a go!

    Hi Katt

    I went through the same thing when i was your age, i was 13 when i was told i was going to have a brace because i hadnt reached puberty yet, and i did, i had my brace for a year and and had to wear it for 23 hours a day... and ive got to be honest here, i had a boston brace and it wasnt a nice experience, to start with being a pre-pubesent girl is hard enough never mind with a brace, but because i was told i would need this and it stop me from needing surgery i had the brace and stuck with the regiem i was set, and i regret to say that it made no significtant alteration to my curve which was a real dissapointment, and because there not the most comfortable of things in my experience i dont think it was worth all the hastle i went though, but again that is just my experience i dont want to put you off the idea but im letting you know my story, differnt treatments are usefull for differnt people, at the end of the day we are all differnt and react to things differntly, but i think its worth a shot atleast untill you have reached maturaty and then you can look at different options but untill then it cant hurt to give it a try even if it dosnt work dont you think?

    After my ordeal with my brace i went to have the surgery and it was the best option for me... almost 3 years later and i cant even begin to explain to the imact the surgery has made on my life, im practically brand new! but again thats just me

    I hope it all works out for you, and if you have anymore questions please feel free to get intouch with me..... Im now 17, so im not much older and ill try and offer as much advise as i can!

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