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Thread: 6 month old son diagnosed with Scoliosis

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    We did the MRI last Thursday and meet with the Dr tomorrow. I am a bit nervous

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    Hi Mike,

    Glad to hear the MRI is done. Try to hang in there until the dr's appt tomorrow, one step at a time. Enjoy Julian's daily milestones because this time really does go by so fast.

    Please do let us know how tomorrow's appointment goes. When do you go to Shriner's?

    Take care,
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    Please keep us informed. I can safely say we are all with you on this to the best of our abilities. You already "know" what is going on. The MRI will just reveal greater detail that the doctor can go over with you. You wife is one good mama to mention this at his drs. appointment. Be glad you found it now and not later. That gives you a head start that many parents never got the chance to have. Wishing you a good appointment tomorrow.

    Be happy!
    We don't know what tomorrow brings,
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    Well we found out he has infantile idiopathic rather than congenital. So I believe that is easier to treat. The Dr even said that 20 percent of infants correct themselves with no treatment. But he recommended a brace or a cast. We meet with Shriners on Tuesday. I already feel a great sense of relief.

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