I was diagnosed with congenital scoliosis (a hemivertabrae) at a very young age (really not sure) and had two surgeries at ages 7 and 9 to do a spinal fusion which involved two rods and some bone graft work. I was so young I really didn't (and still don't) know all of the details, but they took bone grafts from my left hip in order to do the rods. I am now 29 and have had herniated discs off and on for the last 5 years. I recently had another shot, and it has helped, but the basic message I got from the dr was that it would only help so much because 1)the pain in your middle back comes from the curve (by the way we wouldn't do rods now, but that was what they did then and it served it's purpose and you're lucky you're not more 'deformed' - his words, not mine) and 2)the pain in your lower left back comes from where they did the bone graft (by the way we don't do that anymore either because of the residual pain). SO I can live with it, have a shot, or have a surgery. Amazingly, I did like the dr okay because he did help, I just didn't like what or how he told me. He didn't recommend surgery yet and I don't want it. The shot did help about as much as I expected. I really don't think more would help though because the remaining pain is not on the right where my herniated disc was. However, I can't remember a pain-free day. I'm lucky if I get a day of 3-4 on a pain scale. Are there any suggestions or things to maybe ask my doc in terms of dealing with the left hip/back pain as well as the muscle pain on my middle/right side? I'm getting ready to start at a rehab/fitness center; any suggestions of what has worked in terms of this? Anything would be greatly appreciated; thank you!