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Thread: those special camisoles

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    those special camisoles

    I understand I am not supposed to post in the bracing forum (though I think this fits better there)....did you all buy the Boston brace under shirts for your girls or generic seamless camisoles? If so how many do you think and where did you get them? I assume I can get the boston ones from the orthodist (and bill to insurance since they are part and parcel of this whole brace) but what about ones more fashionable? Do they need to be super thick

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    They do not need to be thick. I recommend that you buy something that is 100% cotton, and relatively tightly fitted. You can even use men's undershirts.

    Here are a few that I found with a quick search

    Vermont Country Store
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    My daughter loves the seemless camisole from Justice ( you can order them online). They even send coupons a couple times a year. Right now everything is forty percent off. My daughter has had her brace almost a month and prefers the cami to the brace undershirt. They also have some nice seemless bras. Hope this helps

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    The nice thing about the brace ones is that some of them have an extra bit of cloth on one side that goes over the top of the brace so it doesn't rub your arm pit raw. I found that extremely helpful. But I don't know if they are all like that. But they are thick, and I remember that being very frustrating for me at times when I'd get really hot. I think Linda and Dessy's mom have very good suggestions.

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