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    HELP Questions for Revision Surgery

    I wrote on Crying. I'm 60 yrs & 1st of all thanks to those that replied. I do not know how to do it (reply). Secondly I need 1 yr old hardware replaced with new, a bolt added in sacrum, cross link (holding rods together) is popping out)2 more levels added to Thoracic & may still have some infection left. I have a few questions to those who have had revision surgery &/or researched on it (can't do it myself because due to meds I can't seem to remember). Have hugh bumps up & down spine with loose screws as well as other problems. Questions please:
    1. Please, can you tell me what drs did successful revision surgery on yourselves & how long were you in hospital
    2. Can you please send me names of Drs. & areas (City,State) that did yours?
    3. If you were going to see new dr, what would you ask him/her about upcoming surgery?
    4. After hospital, how was rehab handled & how does one go about finding a good rehab?(my last was horrific) Also how long did you stay in rehab?
    5. What about using my own bone & blood vs anothers? Best rods to have put in? I was told I have Harrington.

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    60 yrs old did scuba,lift & work. Miss all.
    1st t surgery,28 years. L4/5 fusion
    2nd surgery 10-19; went from 2 80%+ curves to 20% + 30%.T4-S1,38 screws (loose & angled wrong), 15 fusions many fusions did not take,& horrific had/have(?) infection.
    Lot of pain.

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