I finally saw Dr. Boachie few days ago and I expected to hear how much my curves had progressed since my last set of xrays in 2008, but surprisingly I was told that my curves were actually stable and there was not much progression from my initial 2004 xrays. In 2004, when I first discovered the severity of my scoliosis, my curve measurements were T 18 and L 45. In 2008, I saw Dr. Lonner who measured my curves at T 38 and L 52 and recommended surgery as there were obvious signs of progression. I opted for surgery in 2007 but didnt have go through with it, I was told that my curves were progressing and surgery was needed but I decided to wait and watch since pain at the time was not as severe as many others described here. So the years went by and pain had increased and became part of my daily life. So I figured that the increase in pain I am expiriencing is the result of my curve progrerssion and started to revisit the idea of surgery. I was starting to get prepared to hear that the curves are now bigger and based on prior evidence of progression i was certain the curves were not in 40 degree range but in 60. I decided to see Dr. Boachie since I hear how great this man is, and he said that my curves actually did not progress much since 2004 and that the curves are pretty much stable. He did say that my type of curve will progress slowly and I am a candidate for surgery but I have to decide when I should have it and that I need to be mentally and physically prepared for it and when I am ready then I should have the surgery. Basically, he suggested to either wait and get proper pain management treatments and deal with pain or to do the surgery now but that it is up to me and that this surgery is not urgent. When I asked him whether he recommends that that I have the surgery now as oppose to later, he then suggested to do the MRI of lumbar spine and to see if my discs are not worn out then it makes sense to do the surgery sooner then later in order to avoid fusion to the sacrum. He said he prefers to just fuse the lumbar area and not touch the thoracic curve as it is compensatory and will prob lessen on its own after lumbar fusion, which is complete different then other surgeons approach.

I am so confused now. Although this is probably good news that the curves had not progressed and are stable, I don't know how to feel. I am happy the curves are stable but my pain is worse then ever. Then again, I like many othere here question our pain, maybe it is normal after all to have back pain? Doctors simple explanation to my question that how is it possible that I was told that my curves are progressing at about 2 degress a year to all of the sudden now hear that they never progressed, his only explanation was that there are margins of error and everyone measurements may differ. But, I was frustrated and so furious because there was a big margin of error, a whole 10 degrees in lumbar and 20 degrees in thoracic. How could this be? I was very upset and confused for a couple of days and kind of dissapointed.

I think I was prepared over the years that eventually i will have to face the surgery but I thought that seeing the progression will lead me to deciding to have the surgery. Even though the pain is indicating that i am feeling alot worse over the years, I am still very afraid of the surgery. ITs something I have no control over and I usually like to feel in control. I have been expiriencing more and more pain in recent years but more so lately. I no longer wear heels or do activities that involve alot of walking or standing. I am feeling alot of what people have described on this forum as their limitations and I can so relate to them. I feel so much pain after just preparing a meal and having family over for dinner. It really sucks to feel this way every day, I am only 30 but I feel like im twice my age! Surgery is probably the solution to my problems but I am still so afraid of it. I cant imagine living this way for the rest of my life either so I probably will have to face the reality sooner then later!

Hope to have the MRI done soon and take it from there.

Thanks to all for listening and maybe if you can share your thoughts on this and maybe even had similar happen to you?