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Thread: mattress's and stairs?

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    mattress's and stairs?

    Thank you to everyone, who replied to my posting about mattress's....your replies were most helpful! )
    And Linda, thanks for the links for what is needed in the hospital, and post surgery!

    I was wondering, how soon post surgery, one can do stairs. Our bedrooms are on our upper level, up about 12 stairs.

    I had a horrific event, last week. I turned, realized I was loosing my balance.. then.over compensated, by turning the other direction, & miraculously kept myself up right. But in this process, I " locked" up. I went completely against my curve!
    I was helped to a chair...but when my husband tried to get me into a standing position, I couldn't move, without HORRIFIC pain. Ambulance, paramedics, laughing gas, & ER...where they got enough drugs into me, to relax my muscles. I'm so blessed to have a amazing physio therapist, who came to our home the next day, to give me a IMS treatment, and mobilize my ribs. My 10th rib wasn't moving, and my bottom rib was nearly into the crest of my pelvis/hip bone. OMG, I thought I was going to pass out, because of this pain.

    It needless to say, I phoned my surgeon, and left him a message. My surgery definitely has to be bumped up...I'm afraid to move suddenly, as my ribs are nearly resting on my hips. I'm terrified of this surgery...but all of your comments, have helped me so much. They have made me realize that there is a light at the end of this painful tunnel...I need this " HOPE"!!


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    My son was able to go up the stairs the moment he was home from the hospital. He was pretty slow about it, but he could do it. My husband would walk him up there and just hold onto his hips from behind just incase for the first 2 weeks or so, but he could do it. Only physical therapy he had in the hospital was walking around his floor once 2-3x a day.
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    I was also able to do the stairs as soon as I got home. I used a cane for a few weeks, for a little extra stability. My husband also walked behind me for the first week or 2.
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    They had me doing stairs while I was in the hospital.
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    I did stairs as soon as I got home as well. For the first two weeks, I had someone "spot" me. Then I went alone, very slowly.
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    Negotiating stairs was one of the few requirements for being discharged. Both my kids did the stairs on the fifth or sixth day in the hospital as I recall.
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    Same here. I had to do the stairs to be able to wasnít a problem.

    The one thing you donít want to happen is fall down your stairs in your recovery. Thatís not good at all. If I had a 2 story home, I would setup a bed on the first floor. Close to a bathroom is a good thing, you donít move like Speedy Gonzales for at least a month. (smiley face)

    Try to hang in there and take it slow. Wow, we have many posters here going through ďmajorĒ pain right now.
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    Same as the last two posts. They won't let you out until you can do stairs. I didn't have too much trouble with them once I got enough blood in me.

    Sorry to hear about your accident. Do hope your surgery can be moved up quickly!
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