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Thread: Best wishes to judyat60 for her surgery tomorrow

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    Apr 2011

    Best wishes to judyat60 for her surgery tomorrow


    Sending you lots of good wishes!

    Mary, age 54
    Fused T2-T12 on 7/5/11 by Dr. Boachie
    Fusion extended to L4 on 9/21/11 by Dr. B.

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    Aug 2010
    Go forth and conquer, Judy! See you on the other side....
    Stephanie, age 56
    Diagnosed age 8
    Milwaukee brace 9 years, no further treatment, symptom free and clueless until my 40s that curves could progress.
    Thoracolumbar curve 39 degrees at age 17
    Now somewhere around 58 degrees thoracic, 70 degrees thoracolumbar
    Surgeon Dr. Michael S. O'Brien, Baylor's Southwest Scoliosis Center, Dallas TX
    Bilateral laminectomies at L3 to L4, L4 to L5 and L5 to S1 on April 4, 2012
    Foramenotomies L3 through S1 in August 2014

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    San Jose, CA
    Good Luck Judy! Hopefully you'll be on your road to recovery in no time.

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    Kayde Guest

    Warm wishes. Hope to hear from you soon

    Good luck to you. Thoughts and prayers go out to you

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    Apr 2011
    Northern Virginia

    Saying lots of prayers Judy!

    Saying prayers for you, your surgeon and your family. Just remember, every day it gets better!

    Discovered scoliosis when 15 years old.
    Wore Milwaulkee Brace for 1.5 years.
    Top curve 85 degrees, bottom curve 60 degrees

    Surgery completed August 23, 2011 (during an earthquake, can you believe that?)
    Dr. Charles Edwards, II
    The Spine Center at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore, MD
    Before and after xrays:

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    Lilburn, GA

    Wishing you all the best!!

    It definitely does get better, day by day : )))))))))
    50 years old!!!!!
    Wore Milwaulkee Brace 1976-77
    Original curve 36 degrees ( measured in the 70s)
    Advanced to 61 degrees 01/2011
    Surgery 07/11/2011
    Fused T1-L2 (curve now in the 20s!)

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    Apr 2010
    Waterloo, IL
    Best wishes for a smooth recovery. Be sure to post when you are able. I know I had lots of questions post-op. The forum is full of supportive, caring people!

    Surgery-Jan. 5, 2011-Dr. Lenke
    Fusion T-4-sacrum-2 cages/5 osteotomies
    70 degree thoracolumbar corrected to 25
    Rib Hump-GONE!
    Age-60 at the time of surgery
    Now 66
    Avid Golfer & Tap Dancer
    Retired Kdgn. Teacher

    See photobucket link for:
    Video of my 1st Day of Golf Post-Op-3/02/12-Bradenton, FL
    Before and After Picture of back 1/7/11
    tap dancing picture at 10 mos. post op 11/11/11-I'm the one on the right.

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    British Columbia
    Wishing you all the best Judy. Be in touch when you can.
    Son 14 y/o diagnosed January 20th. 2011 with 110* Curve
    Halo Traction & 1st. surgery on March 22nd. 2011
    Spinal Fusion on April 19th. 2011

    Dr. Krajbich @ Shriners Childrens Hospital, Portland Oregon

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