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Thread: Anyone familiar with Kansas Joint and Spine Institute?

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    Anyone familiar with Kansas Joint and Spine Institute?

    I have been referred there for further help for my congenital scoliosis and am unfamiliar with them. Any info would be appreciated!

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    Where are they located? I'm in Topeka, KS but not familiar with that group. I initially went to Kansas Orthopedics and Sports Medicine as they were the group I had worked for years ago and had one of their doctors do my knee surgeries (softball!) so that was where I started my journey and he is the one who told me not to go to anyone other than St. Louis. It was certainly very good advice.
    Rita Thompson
    Age 46
    Milwaukee Brace wearer for 3 years in childhood
    Surgery Mar 1st - 95 degree thoracic curve
    Surgery by Dr. Lenke, St. Louis, MO
    Post-surgery curve 25-30 degree

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    It is in Wichita, and I was referred to a Dr. Adams there. It sounds like it's very comprehension, has sports medicine, specializes in spinal disorders, and other things. I originally went to KUMC to Dr. Asher for congenital scoliosis, who was absolutely awesome, but I am looking elsewhere because I am unhappy with the help I've received from my new dr. there. Unfortunately though most of what I need cannot be done somewhere that specializes in sports medicine or I would definitely seek closer to home. Glad you had good results in St. Louis!

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