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Thread: Xrays attched, Sacroiliac joint dysfunction?

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    Xrays attched, Sacroiliac joint dysfunction?

    I think my pain is coming from the sacroiliac joint. I recently viewed my xrays and saw a difference in the right and left side. I'm seeing a 10mm gap between the joint compaired to the other. What are your thoughts?
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    i get injections in the sacroiliac joints every 3 months or is the only thing that has
    ever helped my lower back pain...nothing else helped...not epidurals, not facet block, not
    nerve ablation, etc etc..
    maybe you could ask your doctor about it...
    i get the shots from pain management/surgeon...

    hope you feel better

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    Hey Jess,

    Do you have any xrays of your damaged joint, so I can see for comparison.


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    sorry, i didn't get back to you sooner...dealing with doggie emergency..
    no, sorry i have no Xrays...
    my Xrays aren't on discs, just my MRi is on disc..

    i do not know that my SI joints are "damaged"
    i have degenerative disc disease...i think that is contributing to the pain....
    also listhesis, hypokyphosis, spinal stenosis, spinal arthritis, & a few others i've
    the SI joint injections were kinda a whim...nothing else worked...
    the doctor pressed on the SI joints, asked if it hurt, i said yes
    so we tried didn't think it would work, because the joints are a ways
    away from my curves....
    but the relief is a blessing....
    i was ready to give up and opt for surgery....although there is NO guarantee
    that surgery will get rid of the pain....
    if there was, i would have been in the OR a long time ago!!

    have you tried injections?
    have you discussed injecting the joints with your doctor?
    do you have a pain management doc?


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    You need to figure out if there's a leg length discrepancy (there are special x-rays), or if you're holding your pelvis high on one side in response to a soft tissue injury. I wouldn't wear a shoe lift until that's figured out. The SIJ difference that you noted is really common.
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    hi search
    i just read your previous posts....
    i did not see anything about how big your curves are...or if you
    have other problems with your spine....besides the pelvic tilt/leg length stuff you mentioned...
    when you say no one would know you have scoli by looking at you...
    well, i think that is true of many scoli people....
    no one knew i had scoli for years, when my curves were in the 30's and 40's...
    even now, with T42, L61, on a "good" day, most people can't tell....
    and i think my posture gets worse with my disc problems as much as with the curves...

    i sent you a private message...


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