Hi, I am new to this forum. My 16 year old daughter had spinal fusion surgery for her scoliosis three months ago. It went very well and she is recovering fine.
Her doctor was very happy with the outcome and said we would be happy with the correction since it is almost completely straight. She had a 54 degree curve. He said she scored perfect in all areas of the surgery. As you can imagine we were so excited to hear that. At the hospital and shortly thereafter we were amazed on how even her hips were compared to before, she had a C curve. Before the surgery even though here hips were very uneven her shoulders compensated for that
and were pretty even. However, after the surger we started noticing that her shoulders are uneven. At her last appointment about 1 1/2 months ago, her
doctor had a PT come in to show her some simples excersises in order to help with her shoulder issue. He did say that they should even out over time and
it was nothing to worry about. But I am worried since it's been 3 months and really no improvement. It breaks my heart after all that she's been through especially since her doctor told her after the surgery that she would be very happy with the way she looks. She still looks lopsided to me and not sure if we should be doing anything else about it. We are not due to go back until after Thanksgiving. Was wondering if any of your children had a similar experience and the long-term result was?