Thank you! I will definitely be contacting Janet at Shriners. After looking it up it's only 5 1/2 hours away!

Leah - she did have an MRI last year and they ruled out any spinal issues thank goodness.

Pooka - both doctors that she has seen are orthopedic surgeons. I am pretty sure Shriners will suggest the same treatment she is receiving right now - bracing unless something changes dramatically. I am trying to prepare for where I believe we are headed. I am hopeful that the bracing will be effective but am anxious that she has progressed from 31 to 42 within 18 months. I know that sometimes they change much faster but she turned 10 this month and has so much more growing to do. I am mostly trying to educate myself on what options will be available should she need surgery and this forum has been very informative and has given me some direction - which is what I was lacking from the doctors.

Any suggestions on books?

Thanks to everyone for the great advice =)