Greetings to all, I haven't posted in a while, I have been planning scoli surgery but always postponed it.
Well I just saw my ortho doc yesterday, many tears=- the reality of this surgery frightens me, but ... it's not going away and it's not geting better.

My doc wants to do a laminectomy on my neck; I have cervical stenosis and an impinged cord, he doesn't want to fuse my neck tho' ... he just did a paper on the post-op complications of scoli surgery, and he said he believes in addressing neck issues before scoli surgery. and I have a lot of neck pain.

altho' I won't be fused, the laminectomy will open up the spinal canal. He feels that the manipulation of scoli correction often increases cervical pressure- leading to cervical complications, either on the operating room table or post-op. As many of you experience, post-op. It's a blessing that he was already researching this issue.

So I am going to prepare for cervical laminectomy, not fusion- recover, and then schedule scoli surgery, T2 thru L4 he wants to preserve L4- L5 as long as possible.

He said my arthritis stopped at L3/L4.

So i am praying for courage. I have knowledge, I have medical insurance, but I am a chicken. I fear the pain, I fear the constipation, I fear living WITHOUT NSAIDs OMGosh! I live on Motrin around the clock! better than morphine! the thought of being without motrin frightens me...

I hope that by having the laminectomy first- I will become familiar with the hospital, familiar with the travel ( 5 hrs. away from home) and then feel less anxious with the scoli surgery.

I have to make a decision, I'm 53yrs old and while my curves are stable, the stenosis and arthritc changes are increasing the pain. I've learned so much from everyone's posts - I am a lurker, usually, for years now, I rememebr when people died, you just miss their posts, and I have seen people recover and drop off the forum ( hopefully because they have a full active life).

Hopefully, I will continue to lurk for many years to come.... thank you for sharing your experiences, I have a lot to do... Jamie in Texas