Hi Everyone,

I meet with an endocrinologist Aug 24 who will prescribe some sort of medication to increase bone density. Please pray that God provides the right medication and that my body responds positively to it.

While my physical limitations are increasing (no longer able to do household tasks, cannot lift the laundry basket, uncomfortable riding in car, ribs continue to compress into lungs and pelvis, etc.), I do have some great improvements such as increasing my yoga stretches, remain diligent to daily exercises, and my growing faith in God's plan for my journey. Jeremy (hubby) and Lizzie (daughter) have been extremely helpful. Lizzie learned how to hook me up to the tens unit.

We did a weekend yard project and I felt kind of useless just standing there watching Jeremy and Lizzie do all the work. I was a productive team member by fetching glasses of water! Jeremy took a shovel and was stabbing it into a bag of mulch to split it open. Lizzie said, "Hey Mom, is that what your surgeon is going to do to you?" We all laughed and I said, "Hopefully, he won't use a shovel." It felt really good to laugh.