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Thread: How should I expect to feel at 10 months post op?

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    How should I expect to feel at 10 months post op?

    Hi everyone,

    Im now 10 months post op and dont feel like im improving anymore.
    I still have pain most days and I know sometimes I perhaps overdo things but surely I should now be able to do most general chores?

    I am currently waiting for a CT scan to see if I have a leg length discrepancy but I have a feeling the problem is within my pelvis.I have a very tight hip for which im about to start hydrotherapy.

    I feel disappointed that I cant cook a family roast without getting that awful tightness which pushes me to have to lie down-this is how I felt pre-surgery :-(

    Should I expect to improve anymore or is this is?
    Im feeling a little negative about it all at the moment.
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    Sorry to hear that you're not doing better. Everyone recovers at different rates. With that said, if you can't stand in the kitchen for a few hours (on and off), I suspect you still have something wrong. Where is your pain? And, why do they need a CT scan to measure leg length discrepancy? As you probably already surmised, the discrepancy is usually in the pelvis and not the legs.

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    My PT held my legs down straight when I was lying on the bed and she looked at my ankle bones together when she suggested I had leg length discrepancy, she said a small shoe raise may help.Yet my GP said I have a tilted pelvis-confused!!

    When I mentioned this to my surgeon he was a little annoyed and said he dosnt want it treated until its diagnosed as using a shoe raise without diagnosis can cause problems.I supect he thinks the problem is within my pelvis.

    On a positive note I started hydrotherpy yesterday and it was great! I really felt like I was stretching my muscles and today I feel pretty good, I have another session next week so im hoping this is going to help me a lot :-)
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    Smile just a thought but did they check your sacroiliac joint?

    My ankles/legs are different lengths when my s/i joint is out. My PT was the first to tell me about this and popped me back in. I am always more susceptable to this now but they taught me to put myself back in. I first had this with pregnancy and thought that it was sciatica from the scoli and pregnancy together. My OB/GYN did too and sent me to PT where they found it and told me that it is common with back probs and with pregnancy both. I cannot tell you the feeling when it was popped back in, it hurt good, I guess. HTH
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    Hi bluestone,
    I had a rough recovery, I have to repeat this, it's great to share just not wise to compare!!!
    When I had to do things in the kitchen and I got tired or sore from standing to long, I would take my computer chair, could raise it and lower it, and worked like that.

    I call it my 'Adapt and Adjust Mode',

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