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Thread: Anyone know what i'm going through??

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    Anyone know what i'm going through??

    WOW it's been a while since I have been on here........

    I have surgery in May 2007 when i was 22 years old. I'm fused from T3-L3.

    Everything has been going good i did have my days of stiff joint, muscle tightness etc. But lately im suffering from pain around my right pelvis side when gives me pain in my legs arms etc. Does anyone else get this?

    Ever since my surgery i have suffered from Anxiety, panic attacks and a little depression i just wish for it to go away

    I also sometimes get burning sensations on different parts on my back, legs, arms, hands!!!!! It's soooooooo annoying and just worrying even though my spine itself feels fine. Does anyone go through this after years post op???

    Mind you this pain started after seeing a chiro!!!! Not happy would never recommend a chiro, iv now learnt my lesson. Going back to my osteo soon!

    I am lacking in exercise lately and im thinking of getting back into pilates.

    Can anyone else feel my pain?

    Had surgery May 28th 2007 Anterior/Posterior getting fused from T3 - L3
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    Had surgery May 28th 2007 Anterior/Posterior getting fused from T3 - L3

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    I hope you feel better soon. My daughter hasn't had surgery so far, but hopefully others in your shoes will be able to respond to you soon. Good luck!
    daughter, 12, diagnosed 8/07 with 19T/13L
    -Braced in spinecor 10/07 - 8/12 with excellent in brace correction and stable/slightly decreased out of brace curves.
    -Introduced Providence brace as adjunct at night in 11/2011 in anticipation of growth spurt. Curves still stable.
    -Currently in Boston Brace. Growth spurt is here and curves (and rotation) have increased to 23T/17L

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    It will get better! It just takes time.I found that keeping active really helped, swimming especially. You have to get those muscles to help you out by supporting your back. If you dont use them and train them they will get tight and stiff. Build them up and you will be stronger.

    Before you know it you will be feeling much better!

    Good luck. Katie. xxxx

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