I wanted to give an update about my sweet little girl because she's so amazing, such an inspiration.

We are in the groove of summer now, the last few busy weeks of school a blurrrrrr...
Our school has a before school running club. Every child who runs 100 miles over the course of the school year receives a trophy and other benefits. My daughter has attained this goal since kindergarden. This school year started out ROUGH with lots of medical appointments and stress, then the brace by Thanksgiving and her blues that went along with it. Well, let me tell you all, by March we figured out that she'd need to run a mile a day to reach her goal and by that point running in her brace was no big deal. Not only did she reach 100 miles, she was the only girl in her class to do this!!! and one of only 6/ 40 girls in the 3rd grade!!! Soooo Proud of Her!!!!

We have our next follow up appt and OOB X Ray in a few weeks. I'll keep this wonderful support community posted.