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Thread: Lia Gabriela and her treatments

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    Lia Gabriela and her treatments


    The scoliosis of our daughter Lia Gabriela looks to keep the same after her last revision. She besides has a treatment with growth hormones in the Shriner Hospital of México. This also seems to be working because she is growing. I asked to some Shriner hospital in USA about this treatment and was not available.

    She will be at surgery in one or two years depending on her evolution. She now is 10 years old.

    She also is at inhalotherapy for her lung´s restriction (aprox 40%) and take her pill for hypothyroidism.

    Good Luck and blessing for all your kids

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    Lia is very cute. I hope her scoliosis remains stable and she keeps growing. Thanks for sharing her progress!

    Mother of Alexander & Zachary:
    Alex is 16 years old and in the 11th grade. He has congenital scoliosis due to a hemivertebrae at T10. Wore a TLSO brace for 3 1/2 years. Pre-op curves were T45 & L65; curves post-op are approx. T31 & L34. Had a posterior spinal fusion from T8 to L3 on 7/12/07 at age 12. Doing great now in so many ways, but still working on improving posture.
    Zach is 13 years old and very energetic.

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    Your Lia is adorable! Glad she is doing so well. Thanks for sharing. :-)
    Son 14 y/o diagnosed January 20th. 2011 with 110* Curve
    Halo Traction & 1st. surgery on March 22nd. 2011
    Spinal Fusion on April 19th. 2011

    Dr. Krajbich @ Shriners Childrens Hospital, Portland Oregon

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