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Thread: 40 degrees!

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    40 degrees!

    Hi this is my First time here!
    Im 22 now and still i know the degree of my curvature when i done chest xray sa radiologist readings 40 dergrees cob so then i go to a Othopedic and said my scoliosis is mild.. so he refer me to a PT. but he wants me to undergo another xrY THIS OCTBER 2011
    coz he cant read it all he want full neck to my hips xray...

    heres my xray pls comment,,,
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    Hi there,

    I checked out your x-ray and I don't see any curve on it anywhere that approaches 40 degrees. I would agree that your scoliosis is very mild (guessing considerably under 20 degrees at most in the upper spine). Certainly nothing close to needing any surgery. That's great news!

    If you are in pain PT would be the first thing to try. It can be extremely helpful.

    Good luck!
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    I agree with Gayle that your curve does not look 40 degrees.

    I also agree with the Orthopedist that it would be nice to see your neck in the X Ray. Do you have neck pain? Does your head sit midline over your torso? Do you have full range of motion of your neck?

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    I agree with both of the above posts. I'm not sure what the radiologist was smoking, but you have what looks like maybe a 20 degree curve in the upper thoracic area. It's impossible to know for certain without the cervical area in the image.

    If you don't have pain, I would ignore the issue completely. If you do have pain, then pursuing a full spine xray and continued PT would probably be a good strategy.

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    Thank u everyone for the comment.. I have on and off pain even if its mild....and I feel like im hunch back coz my back is uneven but i have normal kyphosis..

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    Thank u everyone for the comment.. I have on and off pain even if its mild....and I feel like im hunch back coz my back is uneven but i have normal kyphosis..

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    I dont have a pain in the neck.. I have pain at my right back close to my shoulder... I done my PT but still the pain is there... On and off.

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    I agree with the others that the Xray doesn't look anywhere near 40 degrees. Sounds to me like this guy doesn't know how to measure curves properly.
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