Went to the Norton Leatherman Center in Louisville, KY today, and I came back quite underwhelmed and dissapointed. I've had scoliosis for over ten years, with a mild curvature around my shoulder blade. I get pretty significant inflammation and tightness on a daily basis. The doctor told me that my pain could be arthritis or a tumor (?!), which I didn't expect.

I am waiting to get an MRI, because I guess that gives a better picture of the scenario? I've tried TENS, ultrasound, inversion, massage, etc, and lead an active and healthy lifestyle. My pain resulting from scoliosis allows me to travel in limited quantities and only sit in non-ergonomic chairs for maybe hours at a time. The pain gets rediculous sometimes and I'm really just trying to find some answers for how to handle it.

Does anyone have some advice or a similar situation? I'm new the forum, and still working on the rules, so let me know if I'm in the wrong somewhere!