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Thread: Summer camp?

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    Summer camp?

    My DD will begin wearing the providence brace at night in a week. I am wondering if she will be able to comfortably attend summer camp this year? She is 14 and has been going to this camp since she was 9. The beds are basic bunk style and there is no air conditioning in the cabins. In summer we have 95 degree temps and close to 100 percent humidity. What is your experience? How do other similarly situated kids handle summer camps?

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    well i been attending summer camp shince i was 14 teen years old i got out of my brace 2 months before
    Brace 4-15-05-5-25-06
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    My daughter wore her brace at night at summer camp, hard bunks, no AC, very hot temps (MD). I told her if it became intolerable to take it off but she stuck it out. We got her a small portable battery operated fan and bungee corded it to the end of the bunk (so nothing gets caught in there as she sleeps), and sent extra batteries...

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    Thanks - it helps to know that others have managed summer camp just fine.

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    This is my daughter's third year to go away for Girl Scout sleep away camp and the first in her full time brace. I made notes on her medical forms and counselor notes that she may get hot easier than other kids because of her brace. I asked that she be allowed to use her discretion on when she takes it off and also, if possible, allow her to seek out shade or other "cooler" areas if needed.

    Before she goes I'll let her know her basic comfort is important and if she ends up out of her brace for more than the usual 1 hour per day, that's ok.
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