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Thread: Anyone had spinal tap w/ scoliosis??

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    Anyone had spinal tap w/ scoliosis??

    Hi all. I have been trying for 12 years to find out the cause of a bunch of weird neurological symptoms (scoliosis specialist says not due to my scoliosis) and FINALLY was going to get a spinal tap yesterday (to conclusively rule out MS, or to see if anythign else came up abnormal).

    A neurologist had tried years ago to do a spinal tap and couldn't get any fluid out because of my scoliosis, she said.

    Well, THIS time it was done under x-ray (fluoroscopy), so they can guide the needle visually. The poor doctor tried FIVE times (or more--I lost count) to get a sample and just couldn't. At first she thought it would be easy, as she looked at my back under the x-ray machine and said it straightened out enough at the bottom that it should be OK. But no. She tried very hard, all kinds of things, in five or more different locations on both sides, and finally had to give up. She mentioned bone spurs being in the way, as the spine tries to compensate for the curvature.

    Has anyone else had difficulty getting a spinal tap!?

    My curve has been variously measured at 33 to 38 degrees, lumbar, and apparently I also have a thoracic curve too. I do not have back pain, fortunately.

    Any spinal tap experiences out there?

    Nancy T.

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    i had a spinal tap a few years ago when it was suspected i might have meningitis. (after avoiding spinal taps for years)..i didn't have it, thank goodness....
    they had some trouble getting into my spine, but i think it only took them 2 sticks...
    i was actually terrified of the dreaded headache that can come after, if one doesn't lay still long enough....but i made sure to stay still and didn't get the headache....
    i also had a myleogram, which is kinda like a reverse spinal tap, and they got in that time too....
    both were done at a hospital in Manhattan...,.
    my thoracic curve is 42 degrees, lumbar is 61....with a lot of pain, herniated discs, listhesis, hypokyphosis, etc...


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