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Thread: Any tips?

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    Any tips?

    hi im about to get a brace and i would like some tips on dressing so it doesnt show
    hi im Zoe im pretty goofy, i just like to have fun!!!!!im 13 and in seventh grade
    i am a brace girl,i was just diagnosed last week
    i have two dogs that mean the world to me, a 6yr old bernese mountain dog who is 60lbs and thinks shes a lap dog, my other dog is an 8mth old shihpoo puppy(yess shihpoo is a weird name for a breed of dogs)his name is teddyb and he is 10lbs and thinks he is a lion!!!
    i have two curves, one is 32 and the other is 18

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    Hi Zoe, check out the site. Lots of kids there. You'll find some dressing tips here too if you look around.

    G diagnosed 6/08 at almost 7 with 25*
    Providence night brace, increased to 35*
    Rigo-Cheneau brace full-time 12/08-4/10
    14* at 10/09 OOB x-ray
    11* at 4/10 OOB x-ray
    Wearing R-C part-time since 4/10
    latest OOB xray 5/14 13*
    currently going on 13 yrs old

    I no longer participate in this forum though I will update signature from time to time with status

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    Shirts with hoods are great. You can even find short sleeve shirts with hoods out these days.
    Mom to 11 year old DD who was:
    diagnosed 5/09: 8*L, 8*T
    braced 7/10: 17* L, 25*T, 20*C
    x-ray 11/10: 7*L, 17*T, 20*C (x-ray immediately OOB)
    most recent x-ray 06/11: 17*L, 24*T, 22* C (x-ray 24 hours OOB)

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    Ukiah CA
    When i wore a back brace i bought shirts a size larger then i hould normaly wear
    Brace 4-15-05-5-25-06
    Posterior Spinal Fusion 3-10-10
    Before 50T
    After 20T

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    Red face clothing tips

    Hi, am Nicole and I have scoliosis. Im sorry this post is so late I just became a member and am trying to find someone to talk to on here but no one likeuses the website any more, but anyway here are some tips.

    - Where loose bigger shirts that arent to big on top.

    - During the summer where shorts that are tight up top so they wont droop down.

    -if you are cold but hot during the winter throw your favorite sweatshirt on.

    If you have any more questions you can ask because ive had scoliosis for like 3 or 2 years now or more.

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