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Thread: Pain control - what's your approach?

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    Pain control - what's your approach?

    I have utilized the "search" feature on this subject, but it would be helpful to hear more people's opinions (pain control has to be up there with constipation as an issue!). Sorry I've become so fixated on this one topic, but it has become such a #1 topic in my thoughts these days (on the "silver lining" side, pain keeps me from thinking very much about the upcoming fusion surgery). I'd appreciate knowing your thoughts on the subject - pain control while in the hosp, in the early weeks at home, and long-term (should long-term be needed) - after all, there is probably no better pool of people who've walked the pain road than the people on this forum. I might as well ask the REAL experts!

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    The one thing I've seen over and over is that the people who take a lot of narcotics preop, seem to have a tougher recovery after surgery.

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