Alex's surgery went well. At 9:43am they called that they had cut skin, and by 5:09pm Doc came out to talk to us. We had a scare for a while there. Doc came out of the OR room to tell us that the monitor attached to his spinal cord was giving a "funny" reading so they had taken the rods out, and they were going to wait for a bit then do the wake up test to make sure he could move his legs. If he moved them they would proceed to put rods back in place, if he couldn't they would go from there. They did the wake up test 3 times, once after rods were taken out, once when rods were put back in and again before they closed him up. The following day the anesthisiologist came in to see if he remembered any of it, and if he remembered picking up his head and looking at her! That kind of creeped me out, all that while he was opened up. Good thing he doesn't remember.

On Post Op Day 2 he sprang a few leaks. So on Day 3 docs gave orders for him to stay flat on his back the entire day to be sure he wasn't leaking spinal fluid (he also had a stent inserted into his spine to relieve some fluid build up). And as you can imagine getting up on Day 4 after being in bed all day was very difficult. By day 5 he was released to come home. Being home made all the difference in the world, he said he just felt so much better at home, and it showed.

We saw xrays of the rods and screws and the correction looks amazing! He really has handled it like a champ. He's not taking pain meds anymore. Since being home he has only taken two pain pills and two muscle relaxers.

Only thing strange to me is that he has developed fever at night only. Anyone else experience that? His fever has gotten as high as 101, which I called docs for but incision area looks good and we were told to give him tylenol and call if it persisted. But, he's fine during the day only gets the fever at night. Kind of strange to me.

Also, we never did any kind of breathing to keep fluid from developing in his lungs. Nurse noticed the unopened device when we were leaving, should I be concerned? I guess not if he's not sick now right? Also, he wasn't sent home with any kind of exercises, just has to get up and walk for 10 minutes 4x a day. Is that the norm for everyone?

Thanks, and Happy New Year!