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Thread: Having Revision surgery in March

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    Having Revision surgery in March


    I had my first surgery in 1985 and had a harrington rod which goes from T4-L4. Over the past few years I have had pain in my lower back, right hip and sciatica in my right leg. The sciatica pain is in my lower right leg and starts to hurt, then burn and then my leg goes numb. The doctor said I have several issues now - L4/5 disk very degenerated, flatback and stenoisis. Now the doctor will extend the fusion and will remove the rod (it broke 10 years ago and now having some discomfort where the break is).

    A few question:
    1. Did you have to wear a brace after surgery? I wore a brace for 9 months after the surgery.
    2. Where did the doctor make the incision for surgery? My doctor said he will either go through my back or my front.
    3. How long before you could ride in a car?

    Any other advice from someone who has already gone through this would be greatly appreciated. As it gets closer to my surgery date, the more nervous I am getting.



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    Jerry I am having my first surgery Feb 23 and am so sorry you're going through this AGAIN. Hopefully you will get some relief, once and for all.

    I don't have any answers for you, but if I were you I would want to know pretty much now if this was going to be anterior, posterior, or both for surgery.

    Best of luck and may you find courage and comfort on the road ahead.
    Female, age 38
    4 years of bracing, concluded at 42*upper/38*lower
    currently 64*upper/40*lower
    Fused T3-L4 on Feb 23 2011
    now 32*upper/18* lower

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