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Thread: Constipation

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    I felt and looked about 8 months pregnant. When the enemas didn't work I was ready to die (or something...I didn't know what would come next, I appeared to be out of options, LOL.) My friend Marg arrived one day with a little yellow box. It was Nulax, which is an over-the-counter fig and other dried fruit concoction. I didn't read the box, just started munching. It worked in 3 hours. I darn near exploded but didn't have a problem again after that. It was SO worth it. I can laugh about it now, but it wasn't at all funny then.

    Oh you poor thing, I do hope *something* works for you soon. I know it will, but you don't know that yet.
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    I have nothing to add but my symphaties

    Hope yopu feel better soon


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    Has anyone ever tried Docusol for constipation?

    I had to try it once and boy does it work. it takes about 1-2 min and it really gets things moving. its liquid in a tube that you can use by yourself. it cost about $12 bucks.

    I am talking a stool softener 2x a day per my doc request and it's really helped. For some reason I get bad gas when taking these so I take anti-gas pills, which seems to work.

    I never want to go through a bad "episode" again.
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    Unhappy sympathy!

    I have had this problem very frequently due to meds. I take stool softeners every other day 2. That helps to keep me regular. BUT when I was really bad the only thing that really worked was WARM PRUNE JUICE! And is tasted really bad, but it does work. For some reason warming it up makes all the difference. I get too sick with laxative so I won't take them. Enama's suck or suppositories...I've done them both and HATE THEM. I hope everything is okay for you! SORRY you are going thru this!!!!! Praying for you.


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