I'm new to this site and hope to get some information as well as support. I've had scoliosis my whole life (post-polio), but in recent years the curve has started to progress. This has really thrown me and has affected my quality of life. No pain, but trouble standing, walking, etc. unless I'm in shoes. As importantly, I didn't think I'd ever have to deal with this at this point in my life. I'm interested in hearing from anyone about non-surgical treatments, specifically bracing. I'm unable to do strenuous exercise-yoga and have found that exercises to build up my back muscles have not helped.
If anyone has information about what's available in Manhattan, please respond. Also, I am interested in setting up an adult scoliosis support group- one which would meet in Manhattan occasionally for the express purpose of sharing information, providing face to face support, and a forum to vent/complain. Hope to hear from some of you. Thanks.