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Thread: My Experience At CLEAR INSTITUTE!

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    My Experience At CLEAR INSTITUTE!

    Hello. I have posted a few notes here and there, and have read a LOT on this forum. Thank God this is here so that others with like circumstances can have resources, camaraderie and feel like they're not all alone in a bleak, black hole where little information ever gets out. I have learned so much about AIS here, stuff I would prob. never have found any where else, and certainly not from the medical community!! Now it is time for me to detail the experience my 13 yr. (soon to be 14) daughter and I have had at a CLEAR Institute:

    I took my then 12yr. old daughter for an annual exam at her pediatricians where the nurse recommended I see an orthopedic surgeon for possible scoliosis. I didn't know what it was, there was no history of any in our families (as far as we knew; now we know that my husband's grandmother and great uncle had it.) We are all healthy as oxen, and have had very little colds, no ear infections, no allergies, etc., so I thought, "oh yeah, right, well, I'm sure it's nothing..." (I know we have been very blessed and lucky and fortunate about that. I don't take it for granted).
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    Mother of 14 yr old daughter with scoliosis
    Diagnosed at 12th birthday 1/09: 17T 13L
    6/09: 18T 14L Oh God she's increasing
    4/10: 27T 16L My worst nightmare
    7/10: 33T 18L Oh help God!
    7/10: off to CLEAR Institute: We'll see
    10/10: 33T 16L What?
    1/11: 31T 16L 6 months after CLEAR... hhmmm...

    "What a long, strange trip it's been..."

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