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Thread: Surgery Set

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    LOL. Glad you didn't have to give up your bed! I was lucky in that respect, we have a water bed so there was NO way I'd have to give up my bed.

    I too had a notebook and it was a wonderful idea! At times, you are so tired, you can't remember whether or not you've eaten that day let alone when your child is due for pain meds. I wrote down everything (and questioned everything), what the drug was, what it was for, what time it was given and what time the next pain meds could be given.

    Jamie's surgery was six years ago and I can still vividly remember the extreme nervousness. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, I snapped at everyone for every thing....I was miserable! Although you'll never forget this experience, once you see him in recovery, you'll put aside all the worry and anxiety. It's sort of like child birth. It hurts like crazy, but as soon as you hold that baby, the memory of the pain goes away.

    Hang in there.

    Mary Lou
    Mom to Jamie age 21-diagnosed at age 12-spinal fusion 12/7/2004-fused from T3-L2; and Tracy age 19, mild Scoliosis-diagnosed at age 18.

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    I have been off of the forum for few weeks and just catching up, I see your son had his surgery last week and no updates I hope everything went well & a speedy recovery
    mom of Cameren 12 yrs. old
    Chiari,retroflex odontoid,syringomyelia,scoliosis
    Chiari decompressions 6/2005,5/2006
    Syringopleural shunt 6/2009
    Boston Braced off & on 6.5yrs
    scoliosis surgery- 9/15/10 T4-L4 Dr. Bridwell
    Fell & broke finger,surgery 3/2011

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