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Thread: Hip Pain Post Op

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    JamieAnn Guest

    Hip Pain Post Op

    Hi Friends,

    I am 2 weeks post op today and I'm feeling a lot better than I had imagined. My back is stiff, but I'm not really in a lot of pain. I really only take tylenol during the day and the Dilaudid at night. My biggest complaint is my left hip and lower back (tail bone) aching worse every day. It's mostly just when I sleep, and even with a temperpedic bed I cannot seem to lie on my back without the pain being really bad. The pain pills don't really do anything for this pain. I have started to sleep on my side which alleviates the pain.

    I am due to see my doctor on Friday and will ask him what this is caused from, what might be done, etc (probably nothing). But I am curious if anyone else dealt with this?

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    That sounds horrible Jamie. I will be looking out for your post after your appt Friday and hope you have some answers. Remember that in those first weeks/months we often get soreness in various spots that goes of its own accord. I hope this is the case for you.
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    JamieAnn - I called my doc's office about a weird pain I was having in my lower back about 3 weeks post op and his nurse told me that over the next few weeks I would have various pains and weird feelings in various places and they would go away. She was right; it went away within the next day or so and then I got an ache in another place. Never anything too severe, but I guess it's just part of the game.
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    I had a lot of pain in my left hip when I came home until about 3 weeks post-op. I ended up sleeping propped up in a sitting position on my couch for those weeks. When I wasn't in that position then I was laying on my back at the end of the couch with my legs hanging off the arm. The funny thing is that that position is no longer comfy at all now that I'm feeling better. Somehow the pain just went away after a while. I hope your pain goes away soon.
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    JamieAnn Guest
    Thanks everyone. Tiffany, your previous hip pain certainly sounds like mine - it is also the left hip for me, and certain positions lying down work while others do not. I am hoping it goes away with time!

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    Hi JamieAnn

    I have a medium Tempurpedic and it wasn’t soft enough. I realized this at 2 weeks post op, and added a 2" thick latex topper. It doubled my sleep time, and used it for 1 year. I slept on my left side only for months....

    I also have an expensive "rubber" bed I had made in a 28 durometer, which is soft, but slightly "hammocked" and that didn’t work well. The Tempurpedic's are dead flat, and with the topper it worked well.

    Strange nerve pains, achy dull throbbing, etc are basically part of the program when coming out for the first weeks. I used hot hot 107degree water in my bathtub for the nerve and bone pain. The meds after a while really aren't worth a damn, due to built up immunity, but they work great at constipating you...the "double edged sword"

    Dr Errico has a neat website and enjoyed reading it the other day when you posted. He mentions that the pelvis is basically just another set of ribs... I wonder if he learned that while studying zoology years ago...anyway, neat guy.

    Things will improve in time. You are still very early.
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    I had hip pain for 3 or 4 months. The dr. said that it would resolve itself and it did. My PT definitely helped by stretching the leg for me. It felt as if the ball of the hip didn't fit properly intot the socket any longer. After time and the PT's help, it was I'd say 80% better after 6 months, 100% better after a year.

    I think some of the post op soreness is due to inactivity. Even if we're walking every day as directed, we're still not moving our non-fused joints as much, which causes stiffness and pain.
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    My son too has had weird hip pain, tailbone, shoulder here some days and gone others I think it just comes with the realignment
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