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Thread: The scoliosis 30 day exercise and stretching challenge

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    The scoliosis 30 day exercise and stretching challenge

    Hey everyone,
    Foofer just inspired me to begin a 30 day challenge where we do a combination of stretches and exercises every day for 30 days starting from November 1st. The reason I set the date so late is so you can start composing your own exercise and stretch program.
    The goal with the 30 day challenge is to see how much our pain state has improved after a 30 day period of disciplined stretching and exercising.

    An example could be:
    Monday: swimming (Breast stroke ) and specific neck stretches from X book on page XX-XXX
    Tuesday: squats, core exercises, glutes.
    Wednesday: stretches and exercises from the book "health in your hands" page XX-XXX

    In order for some of you to do this, you might need some inspiration, so I made a list of some of the best books I have read regarding scoliosis, back pain and neck pain.
    Great books I can recommend
    Health in your hands by Dr. Kevin Lau (great for understanding how nutrition effect scoliosis and filled with great exercises)
    The multifidus back pain solution by Jim Johnson (for people with back pain)
    Rebuilding your neck - Dean Moyer (for people with neck pain and headaches)
    Overcoming Back and neck pain by Lisa Morrone (an all-around book with a lot of great exercises and helathy movement pattern ilustrations)

    The idea is that we each find the exercises and stretches that make us feel good individually, and then we add them into our exercise routine.

    Some affirmations in order to motivate and ensure that we stick to our own program could be
    "No matter how many things I have to do today, I promise myself that I will create the time to exercise in order to improve my condition."
    "I exercise for the benefit of me."
    "I accept the way my body looks, even in public, when working out in the gym or swimming."

    It's important during this period that we don't let excuses hold us back from achieving what we want.

    Who's in for it???

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    I'm in!

    More later....
    58 yrs old, diagnosed at 31, never braced
    Measured T-64, L-65 in 2009
    Measured T-57, L-56 in 2010, different doc
    2 lumbar levels spondylolisthesis
    Exercising to correct

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    Excellent Christian, truly a supportive thing. Thanks for doing this & count me in too!

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    Burlington, Ontario
    Can I play, too?

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    Count me in too! I recently decided to schedule a private yoga session with a woman who has experience working with people with scoliosis, so she should be able to provide some good exercises. I will pass them on.
    Lori in PA, 52 yrs. old
    Surgery 6/7/11, T3-S1, all posterior, with pelvic anchors
    Gained 2 inches!
    Dr. Boachie, HSS, NYC
    12/10/13 Hardware Removal for infection
    Lost 2", gained PJK!

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    wish i could...too much constant pain...
    especially from degenerated discs!!
    can barely move...
    used to work out 3-4 times a week at gym!

    good luck all...
    happy you are able to do it!


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    Chair Yoga

    Hey Jess - I hear you .. I won't be doing anything strenuous - could cause more harm than good. My exercise routine will be very low impact but I'm glad to have some buddies to keep me inspired.

    I recently came across something called Chair Yoga.

    Thought I might work it into my "routine." Maybe you too?

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