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Thread: 16YO Lots of Pain, Headaches, I NEED HELP!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by klmoon View Post
    Was told by three different doctors that it will not get worse b/c she is done growing. I can tell it is getting worse, hip is out further, shoulder is lower and pain is worse.
    3 years back when i was same age as your daughter, my curves were T38 and L20. I was in pain almost everyday and i had headaches too somewhere around my neck that goes up to head. Really painful. And the doctor told me that i have to live with it to because my curves are not big and surgery is not recommended. So i just lived with it and i did a lot of exercise, i play sports and things like that to help me with the pain. It did help but just for a short while then the pain comes back again.

    Im 19 now, and my curves actually got worse and im done growing. So i suggest just get regular checkups to make sure that it doesnt get worse. About the pain/headaches stay active. Streching helps a lot ..

    I hope the best for you and your daughter take care

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    Shriners Appointment

    Glad to say that we finally got our appointment at Shriners 12/22. Hope the next month and a half goes fast!!

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