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Thread: Non-fusion alternative for skeletally immature patients: Orthobiom

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    Non-fusion alternative for skeletally immature patients: Orthobiom

    Hi all

    I found this non-fusion alternative called Orthobiom for skeletally immature patients. According to the pdf file I found, the main advantage is that it allows growth of spine and prevents future surgical intervention (e.g. removal of hardware etc) that is a problem with fusion procedures even till today.

    The pdf file I found:

    I believe there is a lot more information out there, though I haven't had the time to research fully. If you find anything noteworthy, please post it up here too so we can all help each other. Thank you!

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    It is really interesting; if I have read this correctly, it's basically just a growth rod but it has an advantage over standard growth rods in that repeated lengthening surgeries aren't needed. NB standard growth rods that can be lengthened magnetically are now being used here in London, so lengthening surgeries may soon be a thing of the past anyway. The Orthobiom does still involve fusion of some vertebrae in order to anchor the device, and they are suggesting that this instrumentation could be used in kids with curves as small as 20 degrees. If I was wanting to put a child with such a small curve through surgery I think I'd prefer the sound of VBS, which is completely fusionless and involves less metalwork.

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