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Thread: T-minus 83 hours and counting.......

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    Hi Mike - My friend Nancy just had surgery with Dr. Birdwell 3 weeks ago and she is doing great. She was a week in the hospital there and then stayed in rehab center for about 5 days and was on a plane home after that. She and her husband were pleased with all aspects of their experience. You are in good hands!!
    Good luck to you and keep us posted.
    Shari - 55 years old
    Pre-Surgery 62 degree thorasic curve with shifting.
    Post op 13 degree curve.
    Successful surgery 4/15/10, T3-L2 fused.
    2nd surgery to reopen incision 10" to diagnose infection, 5/18/10
    Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI - the late Dr. Harry Herkowitz

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    All the very best to Cam and Mike. Hope your surgeries go smoothly. Soon, you'll both be on the road to recovery!
    Surgery March 3, 2009 at almost 58, now 63.
    Dr. Askin, Brisbane, Australia
    T4-Pelvis, Posterior only
    Osteotomies and Laminectomies
    Was 68 degrees, now 22 and pain free

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    best wishes, Mike...for a smooth procedure and uneventful recovery!


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    Hi Mike - my surgery was on Tuesday and they released me the following Monday. That first week I just mostly slept and got up to walk, etc. Dr B came in every morning at 6:30am. The nurses would have me sitting on the side of the bed and then he would have me stand and walk.(on the weekend it was a resident) I could start food after 3 or 4 days. A physical therapist came twice a day to walk me around; show me how to do steps, etc. An occupational therapist came in and talked about how to to daily living things. After I got released my husband moved us from the Parkway to the Chase Park Plaza. It is also with walking distance to the hospital and lots of nice restaurants and places to walk in the area.It's kind of pricey but they give a good rate to Barnes patients. It's a lot bigger and they have several restaurants there. They had a hair salon so I could get my hair was he a couple times without getting my back wet. My h husband gets kind of freaked out over hospitals and the Parkway seemed too hospital like to him; maybe because it was connected. I thought the Parkway was fine but he really liked the Chase. We would usually walk somewhere nearby for dinner. The weather was nice so I enjoyed getting out for a walk each day. There was also a little place called Crepes around the corner and Chuck would go there each morning and get us breakfast and coffee. Good luck. I'm just really pleased with Dr. Bridwell. He may be conservative (he does make you use a walker for awhile) but I'm having a great recovery. About the central line, that comes out near thE end of your stay. The drains and catheter came out before the central line.
    Age 56
    Wore a Milwaukee Brace for 3 years in hs
    Fused L4-S1 for high grade spondylolisthesis Jan '09 in Indy
    Thoracic 68
    Surgery Aug 31, 2010 T3 to L1
    Dr Bridwell St Louis

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    I know we will get back to golf after our surgeries, even if it's a long wait before we're allowed a full swing. I talked to the pro yesterday about how I could adapt my swing with 2 long rods to my tailbone. He gave me hope! Be sure to post when you are "on the other side." Good luck!

    Surgery-Jan. 5, 2011-Dr. Lenke
    Fusion T-4-sacrum-2 cages/5 osteotomies
    70 degree thoracolumbar corrected to 25
    Rib Hump-GONE!
    Age-60 at the time of surgery
    Now 66
    Avid Golfer & Tap Dancer
    Retired Kdgn. Teacher

    See photobucket link for:
    Video of my 1st Day of Golf Post-Op-3/02/12-Bradenton, FL
    Before and After Picture of back 1/7/11
    tap dancing picture at 10 mos. post op 11/11/11-I'm the one on the right.

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    Mike, My son had his central line today and it went well, he was a little scared poor guy , he didnt cry though and we are home and he isnt complaining of any pain so Im sure yours will go fine...
    mom of Cameren 12 yrs. old
    Chiari,retroflex odontoid,syringomyelia,scoliosis
    Chiari decompressions 6/2005,5/2006
    Syringopleural shunt 6/2009
    Boston Braced off & on 6.5yrs
    scoliosis surgery- 9/15/10 T4-L4 Dr. Bridwell
    Fell & broke finger,surgery 3/2011

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