I'm pretty new to the whole brace thing, I've had it for 1 and a half months and still cry every now and then at the thought of wearing it to school and giving up all my birthday clothes that will no longer fit w/ the boston brace! EEP! But, my dad found this so I can talk to all you galls and we can chat about the cutest ways to dress it and etc!

although it stinks and I hate the smell of the fresh plastic, I know I'm blessed to have the great care so that when I'm older I'll still have a hot back and good posture! Looking back you'll know that the days didnt matter and that now you are the one with the good situation of a healthy back! When the goin gets though, the tough get goin'!!

PS- have any style tips and any other kinds of tips plz tell me because I'm still new to it!