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Thread: Min Mehta Infantile Casting Videos

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    Min Mehta Infantile Casting Videos

    Although my daughter is an adolescent scoliosis patient, I ran across these wonderful videos starring Min Mehta, the developer of infantile casting for scoliosis. I think they are a great starting point for any parent who wants information if their infant has scoliosis.

    Perhaps these videos could be pinned at the top of the infantile scoliosis forum so these links don't get lost to future affected parents. They are the three video links at the bottom of the linked page of the manufacturer of the casting frame's page. Really wonderful information.

    In case that page changes for whatever reason, the videos are on youtube and here is Part 1 of the videos.

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    I didnt know this video was available on youtube. Great resource for parents going down the casting road.

    I have downloaded a few videos also of my child and some of the things we do to make life in a cast a bit more enjoyable.

    They are posted under mrdylanator100 on youtube or under infantile scoliosis.

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