My daughter has a surgery date of August 23rd (Shriners Hospital, Salt Lake City).

For those that have already gone through this process I have a few questions:

1. How long was your child's stay at the hospital? We've been told 7-10 days.
2. What items should we take with us?
3. What items should we leave at home?
4. How long was your child out of school after the surgery? We were told she would need to be out for 1 month.
5. If your child missed school due to the surgery and recovery period, what, if anything, were you able to work out with your child's school to make up for the missed days?
6. Is there anything we should do/buy to help make our daughter more comfortable once we return home after the surgery?
7. If you had to travel out of state, where did you stay? We're hoping to get into the Ronald McDonald House.

I'm sure I'll have a lot more questions as the date gets closer.