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Thread: Inspiring story today's NYT; pt. of Dr. Obachei pursues her dreams

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    Inspiring story today's NYT; pt. of Dr. Obachei pursues her dreams

    This should really be posted in all four sub-forums here as it concerns a congenital condition (Spinal Muscle atrophy Type II) . I was surprised to find it affects 1/6000 babies - to me that sounds like a lot.

    This 30 year old Jamaican immigrant to the U.S., had an 111 Degree curve which. in conjunction with weakening of her respiratory muscles was close to suffocating her when a sponsor appealed to Dr. Obachei to help her. He agreed.

    This tells her story which is bitter-sweet. Although her scoliosis is much less, her life expectancy is still significantly reduced because of her motor neuron disease. Nevertheless, she has borne a child (before her surgery!), married and secured a teaching job (sixth grade) after obtaining a B.A. and M.A.. She needs two full time aides paid by MEDICAID outside of her teaching hours and gets around the city in a $35.000 motorized wheel chair. When the single school elevator is out of service, her class has to be taught on the ground floor.

    Even on this board where shocking "Before" X-rays are common, hers draw attention. WHen I saw the article's title, "Bent, not Broken", I felt sure it referred to a scoliosis patient.
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