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Thread: 15 year old diagnosed with Kyphosis

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    15 year old diagnosed with Kyphosis

    My daughter, a former gymnast, got a compression fracture early this year. Upon discovery of the fracture, the doctor told us she had kyphosis, 60 degrees. She was in a brace for a few months full time and the fracture healed. She left gymnasts permanently. She wore the brace at night for 6 more weeks and now the curve is 70 degrees. Dr. suggesting surgery, spinal fusion. We go tomorrow to learn more. I am so worried about this! Is it routine to do surgery for kyphosis? i didn't even notice the curve in her back, partly because she has always compensated with a lower back arch (which I thought was from gymnastics).

    I would like to understand what life is like after this kind of surgery? What kind of functionality/flexibility do you have? Can you do sports? What can't you do.

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    I just saw this and thought I'd reply. I have Scheuermann's kyphosis. I am now 43. I had my original surgery when I was 21. My curve at that time was 108'. I had lung issues along with the extreme pain. From what I understand, 70' is kind of a threshold for kyphosis as far as treatment goes. I am now fused T3-L2. I did great for many years and do not regret having my original surgery for one minute. Due to the Scheuermann's, my curve is now moving up my spine, which is rare from what I understand.

    I would definitely get a second opinion about your daughter before you decide anything, and make sure you have a doctor who has extensive experience with kyphosis and spinal surgery. Where are you located?

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    My 13 year old daughter had surgery last July 13, 2009 for an 81 degree kyphosis curve. She was fused T2 to L4. We really didn't have a choice about the surgery. The doctor recommended it be done with in 6 months. I truly believe she would have been in a wheelchair if we had not had the surgery done. As far as flexibility goes, she bends at the low waist.

    I also agree with badback4me about getting a second opinion. Dr. David P Roye out of Morgan Stanley Childrens Hospital in NYC did her surgery. He is very talented and literally gave my daughter a second chance at life.

    Daughter April had surgery July 13th, 2009 by Dr. David P Roye at Morgan Stanley Childrens Hospital. T2-L4
    She's doing very well!!

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    I'm new here so forgive me. My daughter was just diagnosed with a 63 degree dorsal kyphosis. A 32 levoscoliotic thoracic and a 41 dextroscoliotic of the lumbar. She has pain about everyday, do you have pain also? She's started complaining of an itching, says its nothing she can reach, like its internal. This is driving her nuts on top of the pain. Don't know what to do for her. Hope your daughter gets answers soon.

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    Our experience

    Both of my daughters had kyphosis and scoliosis which wasw treated with a spinal fusion. Both did well after surgery and played on the JV Soccer team with out any true consitioning or PT ( they refused). No one could tell they had the surgery on the field except expert soccer experts who knew them. My youngest twin had been excellent and would have made V that year without the surgery but she would have had real back issues and sophmore year at school was filled with AP and Honor courses we didn't want her to miss. She played indoor but was placed down and has lost her interest. I think she could have made it if she really spent time and effort on it.Boys seem to be more important. The other twin ran into some medical issues and had competition for a spot on JV and V so she is out of the running completely. I think an atelete can always pick up other sports. They hae found others boring.

    If you do a second opinion do it now. We did ours halfway through and it was very disappointing. I worked with Medical Records and despite that the docs never saw them or maybe read them. Out of State docs have no turf issues which I think came into our consult. But then its insurance issues and money. We couldn't manage it.
    Good Luck. There is High School Life after. School was great. The room was always filled with friends. Good Luck!

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