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Thread: Scoliscore - Quo Vadimus?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PNUTTRO View Post
    And I can post anything I like because Dingo has me on his ignore list too.

    I think we should make a club.
    One can only wish.

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    Had to go OCONUS. 756 emails in my inbox. Be back later

    P.S. I don't work at a university. I work in national security and law enforcement, so yes, breaking the law is pretty serious business for me.
    "The plural of anecdote is not data" --Frank Kotsonis

    Ph.D. in Bone Biology
    Harrington rod and Leuke sublaminar wires 2/1986, fused T4 to T12.
    First revision 3/1987 fused pseudoarthrosis, placed CD instrumentation from T10-T12.
    CD instrumentation removal 10/97 following breakage.
    Leuke wire removal 4/99.
    Salvage surgery; Harrington removal 1/2000, fused to L2.
    Ruptured disc, fusion extension to L4 3/2016.
    Surgeons: David Bradford, Francois Denis, Mike Lagrone

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