Very nervous of course. We were tentatively scheduled with Dr. Green at HSS; he's been following our son since age 9 (he's 14 now, 15 next week). Then we went back for follow ups with Dr. Betz and Dr. Vitale about 2 weeks ago.
Dr. Betz has a 10 month queue. If we didn't want to wait, he strongly counseled us to use a spine specialist. That made sense to us, and Dr. Green is a general pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Vitale had originally seen Spencer back in November and said no rush, but when we came back, he noted significant progression of Spencer's thorocolumbar curve--from 42 to 51 degrees in five months. He had time in his schedule in June, so here we go.
Dr. Betz's team was suggesting a rib shortening procedure as well as the fusion--Spencer has a fairly significant rib hump--but Dr. Vitale says that it can interfere with lung function later in life and he pretty much won't do it. Has anyone else had experience with this?