I am having a hard timing coping with conflicting Surgical and Infectious Disease opinions for my daughter's second revision surgery.

ID wanted it done as well as the second opinion ID and Surgical docs at another well respected hospital.

I reallly liked the first ID doc. We really like the first surgeon but he has had a wait and see approach because of some extra work he did in the second surgery.

My daughter had a soft spot along her incision and we were told to watch it. While she has been in Florida it broke open. She had been schedualed to see the doc in June. We have an ID appt. on Tuesday.

We need to make one for Ortho next week. I called both offices and told them the part of the story they needed to hear and asked not to be involved in any MD back and forth discussion which had happened in the past when there was disagreement on surgery.

Since her second surgery I have been a nervous wreck. I have second guessed myself, worried about what I said to the docs and nurses. Felt torn in two over what why to go. I don't know who to believe. I just want what's best.

How have people coped with different medical advice especially when theire has already been a relationship established that worked?

I don't want the docs angry at me and I always seem to say and interact in a nonhelpful way. One time I wrote a ton of questions down and gave it to the office in the morning so the doc could read it before seeing us. I didn't seem to have gone over well.

Should I be upset? I am a right be worried? Should we go back to the other hospital?
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Mary