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Thread: Help sleeping post-surgery?

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    Help sleeping post-surgery?

    Sorry if someone's already posted about this, but I'm looking for ideas to help my 3 year-old sleep more comfortably. It's been 2 weeks since her growing rods surgery and she's almost completely pain-free during the day. Naptime and bedtime, however, are still rough. She falls asleep fine, but she wakes up several times needing help getting repositioned comfortably. She's not sleeping in her brace yet, we tried that and she was REALLY uncomfortable. She's on just ibuprofen now, and we're thinking about getting her a new bed (she's still in her crib with the side down). Are we on the right track, or is changing her bed going to help?

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    When Braydon had his fusion surgery (11 months old) and then his VEPTR surgery (6yrs old) he slept on a slant with a sheep skin under the sheet. This provided a softer surface to sleep on. He was in a toddler bed at the time. I put two soup cans under the feet of the head of the bed to elevate it. The sheep skin was part of a sheep skin car seat cover (for a full sized car seat). It was thick and about 2 inches deep. You could also use a foam egg crate thing... something to help keep the surface of the bed softer. Her body will get used to the rods being there. It just takes a little time.
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